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990 West Old Route 422 Road
Prospect, PA 16052

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Vibratory Metal Foundations

We are an exclusive
distributor and installer of
Vibratory Metal Foundations

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We Currently Operate In Twelve (12) Business Segments.
Although we do not operate in the residential sector, No electrical job is too big or too small for us.


We are an FAA preferred contractor for domestic airports. Airport installations include
taxiway lighting, beacons, signage, weather systems, wind cones, communication towers
and navigational instrumentation landing equipment.

Smokestacks and Chimneys

We have extensive experience in the design and installation of lighting systems for
industrial chimneys including lights, elevators, scrubbers and CEMS systems
(Continuous emission monitoring systems) for EPA monitoring.
We also have expertise on aviation obstruction lighting maintenance.

Heavy Highway

We are PennDOT prequalified.  Our Services include the installation and maintenance of traffic signals, road, street, highway and bridge lighting including the integration of Intelligent Transportations Systems.


Streetscapes are the visual elements of a street, including the road, sidewalks, street
furniture, trees, lighting and open spaces, etc., that combine to form the street’s character.
Our civil team designs and installs streetscapes for commercial properties, downtown
districts, municipalities and others.


We provide all electrical components for new construction, additions, renovations and
expansions for any industrial facility including factories, mills, power stations, steel mills
and other industrial facilities and plants.

Schools, Hospitals, Malls, Hotels and Commercial Buildings

We do all your electrical work for new construction, additions, renovations etc. for all
commercial structures including the installation and maintenance of parking lot lighting.
We also have a 24 hour service department to get you back up and running when you
have a critical system failure.

Metal Foundations

Exclusive distributor and installer of Vibratory Metal Foundations for commercial and industrial markets throughout North America.  Click here to learn more

Water Treatment and Waste Water Treatment Facilities

We have numerous successful projects in providing and installing all electrical components
for all applications in this highly specialized industry.

Building Automation Systems

We are the leading installer of virtually every available building automation system in the domestic market. We install a wide array applications. We partner with the controls manufacturer to provide intelligent building automation systems to enhance comfort and at the same time, reduce energy consumption.

Media, Safety and Communication Systems

We are certified to install low voltage, communications cable and radio communications systems, including twisted pair for fire alarm, intercom and networking systems as well as fiber optic and coaxial cable for data and media installations. We also have experts on staff to install spread spectrum and broadband radio systems.

Plant Maintenance

We provide complete and full time on site electrical support for factories, refineries and other large industrial complexes.

Scoreboard and Billboard Installation, Service and Repair

In addition to installation, we troubleshoot, diagnose and repair all electronic billboards and electronic signs.